We are a complete planning and event rental company. We’ve been successful for sixty years by supplying our clients with excellent service and delivering to their ever changing demands. We have what every item is required to complete your event. No exceptions. Business started in 1954 by Alfonso Colombo, in 1985 Alfonso’s son Allen took over the family business — 2014 will be 60 years. Just some of the events we have participated with: Detroit, Cleveland, St. Petersberg and Miami grand prix’s Cleveland, Miami, Memphis, Denver, Atlantic City, Selfridge Air Base , Willow Run, Galstin, and Erie Air Shows. Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Chrysler. Involved with new vehicle product launch along with ride and drives. Rochester Earth Day festival, Woodward Dream Cruise, Canterbury Village events, Arts Eats and Beats, Notre Dame Prep High School events… and the list goes on…

We utilized over 7,500 chairs and 50 tents and all were in the proper place on time – a feat of which you can be proud. Your efforts were on of the main reasons the show went so smoothly.
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Miami Air Show

I really enjoy our working relationship and I appreciate all of the extra effort you, Chris and Joel provide to me during our events.
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Medic Drug Grand Prix

The equipment you provided for the event was in excellent condition a, your workers were efficient and your ability to respond to last minute request was greatly appreciated.
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Detroit Grand Prix

We would be delighted to recommend your equipment and services to any of our colleagues in the Air Show industry.
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Cleveland Air Show

We appreciate the endless amount of equipment you had available, the first rate service in set-up, maintenance & tear-down and would willing to assist in helping to make an event like this operate smoothly.
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C K Newcomb

Our guests had a great time and your efforts were a huge part of the success of the day.
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Woodward Dream Cruise

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your commitment to making Wings of Wonder such a success!
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Kids in Flight

This years Grand Prix was a great success – due in no small part to all of your work.
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ITT Detroit Grand Prix

The events we undertake are of a very large scope and take a great deal of planning in preparation and setup. Allen has shown time and time again that he and Miles Event Rentals can rise to the occasion.
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International Management

As you know by now, the event was an overwhelming success, due in part (a large part!) to the excellent planning and hard work of your company
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Ford Motor Company
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